Pain & Anxiety Control

Among the many excuses patients give for delaying a needed visit to the oral and maxillofacial surgeon’s office is fear of pain. While anxiety is a normal and common reaction, there is little cause for it in the dental office of today.
Advanced training in anesthesia techniques and pain control allow our procedures to be performed comfortably with patients awake, sedated, or fully asleep.

For those who prefer to remain awake during surgery, deep and long lasting locally acting anesthetics to numb the area, often combined with oral medications and headphone music, are very effective. If you just want to “take the edge off”, nitrous oxide (sweet air) can relax you and alter the mood. For those wishing to be asleep or have no recollection of their treatment, intravenous anesthetic agents, delivered in a manner having a long and outstanding record of safe and satisfying results, can be administered by our certified doctors. All necessary monitoring and safety equipment is in continual use.

Provided there are no significant medical problems and you come prepared (8 hours of fasting and in the company of a responsible adult), the choice of anesthesia is yours. And it’s nice to have a choice!

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