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One of the more common questions asked is: Do I have enough bone for dental implants? In some cases, there is insufficient bone to place an implant. This happens most often because of the shrinkage and bone loss that occurs after a tooth is extracted. The bony support for the tooth is no longer needed and it begins to decrease, most significantly in the first three to six months after an extraction. To minimize this bone loss and to quicken the healing time, bone graft substitutes are sometimes placed into the socket when a tooth is removed.

In some instances, however, a more formal bone grafting procedure may be needed to create the necessary support for the implant. Common areas in need of such a procedure are the front of the upper jaw and the back of the lower jaw. In this illustration , bone (usually taken from within the mouth, either from the area behind the lower wisdom tooth or from the chin) is secured onto the bone that is still present and allowed to heal before the implant goes in. Another site often in need of grafting is the back of the upper jaw. Here there may be too little bone below the sinuses (the large air-filled cavities in the middle of the upper jaw). Several procedures are available to help increase the bone volume by raising the bottom of the sinus lining and placing bone and bone substitutes to allow new hard tissue to form. In addition to the graft material used, growth factors concentrated in the blood cells called platelets are prepared and added to the graft for better healing.

The team approach to implant-based dental reconstruction includes you, your dentist and his laboratory, and a qualified, experienced surgeon. Only after a complete clinical and x-ray examination and a detailed consultation can team members develop a treatment plan with the best chances for reaching an optimal esthetic and functional result.

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Bone Grafting Overview

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Bone Grafting Overview